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kiln firing


I was hoping to do a post yesterday about the successful kiln that I waited patiently all day to unload. Instead, I need to search for the lesson in unloading a kiln of several shattered pots, and finding the remaining ones sprinkled with shards. There is still so much to learn… I think I can.. […]

studio preview


this weekend vitrifiedstudio will be open for a studio preview during the tour de coop fundraiser event happening in our backyard. if you decide to get the booklet and do the tour, we are #6. we should be getting between 100 and 700 visitors to see our chicken coop, and hopefully some of them will […]



this is vitrifiedstudio’s new blog for the ceramic work-in-progress by me,  shelley martin. i am keeping this blog separate from my other blog, vitrifiedstudio:inspire, as it will strictly show my own work in progress, my own thoughts on ceramics,  and focus on the process of making. i am also using it as a portal for […]