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I’ve been testing another new clay body and glazes. I was thinking this was the nice gritty grey clay I had used earlier, but instead it turned out to be a much warmer khaki colored clay. Here are the tests, thanks to photographer mitch for the quick photos after I unloaded them from the kiln. […]

kiln firing


I was hoping to do a post yesterday about the successful kiln that I waited patiently all day to unload. Instead, I need to search for the lesson in unloading a kiln of several shattered pots, and finding the remaining ones sprinkled with shards. There is still so much to learn… I think I can.. […]

We finally had a chance to get a few quick photos of the pots from last week’s kiln.  I like the contrast of the dark brown pots against the very white porcelain, though the glazes are not water tight at all and their tiny crater texture is perplexing.  I have a feeling its from being […]