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hi everyone! it has been a while since my last blog post, so i have gathered a small list of news items to share with you. – shelley 1. today and for the next several days, vitrifiedstudio is the featured seller on the etsy home page. check it out at or here is the […]

vitrifiedstudio has been busy! here is an image of a big jar that I made recently. This jar quickly sold off of my etsy site, but I hope to be soon adding more. These big jars are really challenging to make with a low survival rate, but they are worth it when they make it […]

thank you all for following the vitrifiedstudio:work blog.  i am excited to see how vitrifiedstudio can grow over this next year, and i am grateful for all of your support. i am spending the day today in the studio, working on new ideas and  trying out my new white clay bodies. i am reflecting on […]

weekend finale


a big thanks to everyone who came to the show this weekend. it was great to see so many people there that knew about vitrifiedstudio, and came out to say hi. i also really enjoyed meeting all the new people and hearing how excited people were to see the pots. i hoped to find some […]

vitrifiedstudio is packed and ready for the sale this weekend. I hope to see you tomorrow at crafty wonderland.

vitrifiedstudio will be a part of the crafty wonderland sale this weekend at the Oregon convention center, in Portland. please come visit me at my very first sale. I will be sharing a booth with moufelt, and I have included some photos showing the felt and the ceramics. Here are the details for the sale: […]

my favorite photographer mitch shot the final photos for the winter sale submission. it was definitely a learning experience for us both as we considered background, lighting, camera angle, lense, perspective distortion, focal length, and basic object composition. Here are the 4 shots I just sent off to crafty wonderland.