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I opened the kiln this morning, happy with all of the pots inside. After a few kilns of  exploded pots, warty, bubbly, bloaty, and just plain ugly ones, its a relief to feel like i can make something consistant. these are all in the kalamath brown from seattle pottery supply, with watered down store bought […]

vitrifiedstudio has new work!  i’ve been making making making for the past few weeks. here’s a teaser image below. currently i’m throwing in  dark brown and black clay bodies. i’ve been learning all about carbon and sulfur getting trapped under the glaze and in the walls of the clay. hopefully with a few adjustments to […]

i’m very happy to announce that vitrifiedstudio will be at crafty wonderland holiday sale this year! this will be my first real public sale. it is a big step for vitrifiedstudio! i will be sharing a booth with the very awesome moufelt. we  hope to see you at the sale december 10 and 11th at […]

here are a few more images of recent work. we have a long ways to go, but i have to say i’m pretty excited about trying out the first pair of dishes. also, i am constantly drawn back to the older pots in the last image. i’ve switched back to that gritty grey stonewear in […]



I’ve been back in the studio lately making some pots to get ready to possibly submit to a winter sale or two. Portland’s crafty wonderland and Seattle’s urban craft uprising applications due soon. Do I dare? More photos to come soon I hope, here are a few things I’ve made recently. I have been enjoying […]

new test pots


test posts made with red brown clay from yesterday’s firing were a nice surprise after the satin white pots i’ve been focusing on. I had a white porcelain bowl explode on the middle shelf of the kiln spraying broken shards all over the other pots.  I need to re-evaluate my process, and have a little […]

bowl shapes