vitrifiedstudio news and etsy interview


hi everyone!

it has been a while since my last blog post, so i have gathered a small list of news items to share with you. – shelley

1. today and for the next several days, vitrifiedstudio is the featured seller on the etsy home page. check it out at or here is the link to the article/interview/studio photos:

2. my work is now available at tilde, a great shop in sellwood/portland oregon.  i am very excited to be at the beautifully curated shop, thanks debbe! here is the shop link and blog post

3. also, my work is now available at the newly opened beam and anchor shop. it just opened for business yesterday, and its already the best pacific northwest hand crafted style shop in portland. there is an amazing collection of handmade and vintage objects here. thanks currie, and the owners at beam and anchor! here is the link

4.  i have a few more store deliveries coming soon,  I will make the announcements once they pieces are delivered to their new shop homes. i am working hard to get these orders out!

5. i am preparing for crafty wonderland. come find me may 12, from 11 am to 6pm at the convention center (near the lloyd center mall) in portland oregon.  i hope to have lots of new work available for sale, as well lots of seconds and samples.  my june sale will be renegrade craft fair in brooklyn, new york, so if you are in NYC area, please find me there.  (and if you know of a shop that might be interested in selling the work that i have leftover from the sale, please send me the info. i am not shipping these pots back and forth across the country)

6. i have updated my etsy shop with lots of new work and new listings.

please take a look! here are some of those new pieces:


One Response to “vitrifiedstudio news and etsy interview”

  1. I really enjoyed your etsy interview and connected with your blog because of it. Best of luck with your new shops and lots of success!
    P.S. I featured your blog this morning – you’re in my top 5!

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