the bottles have arrived at crown nine!


vitrifiedstudio is really in a real store now! check out the evidence here and here at crown nine in oakland CA.

i am hoping that the bottles will sell well and i can send some other shapes and clays down there soon. if you are in the oakland area, please go take a look and tell me what you think. i wish i could fly down there this weekend to see for myself.

one of my new years resolutions was to get into a store, so that is quickly achieved. now i am hoping to get into a store in each big city on the west coast. if you know of a great store that is design oriented and well curated please let me know. i am going to start sending samples out, and i would love suggestions.

i have also been having fun working on custom shapes with some great shoppers on etsy. soon i hope to post photos of the extra large bottles and wide jars, that i have been working on, and next week i would like to start on a bottle that pours. check out my etsy store if you haven’t already, i added lots of new work the last few weeks.


2 Responses to “the bottles have arrived at crown nine!”

  1. BEAUTIFUL! They seem to fit right in.

  2. 2 SweetBing

    You are off to a great start – well done!

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