new kiln opening


I opened the kiln this morning, happy with all of the pots inside. After a few kilns of  exploded pots, warty, bubbly, bloaty, and just plain ugly ones, its a relief to feel like i can make something consistant. these are all in the kalamath brown from seattle pottery supply, with watered down store bought glazes bisque fired to cone 02 and electric kiln fired to cone 5 with 5 min hold. i only had 1 bloat bubble in this whole firing. the glazes range from blues to greys, whites, blacks, and clear, and this time i left a lot of unglazed clay exposed. (thanks for the feedback kate!) i have another bisque load in the kiln of more of the large bottles and cylinders, and i hope to make 50+ more pieces this weekend before I switch back to the black. i dont think i have time to do much more in the grey before the december show, but i do want to make some really simple white pieces, and more of the grey and white circular trays. i am off to the beer supply store to stock up on corks, and then back in the studio to keep going.


3 Responses to “new kiln opening”

  1. Love the colours. The greys work beautifully with the simplicity of the shapes.

  2. Yay!! Congratulations on a successful firing, Shelley!

  3. 3 lyn cole

    congratulations on a happy kiln opening- its a great feeling.
    loving the colours you are producing

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