new images coming soon


vitrifiedstudio has new work!  i’ve been making making making for the past few weeks. here’s a teaser image below. currently i’m throwing in  dark brown and black clay bodies. i’ve been learning all about carbon and sulfur getting trapped under the glaze and in the walls of the clay. hopefully with a few adjustments to my firing technique, i’ll be ready to start selling the new ware in time for my december sale. i hope to post the new images soon here and on etsy so i can start to get feedback.  do you like the black on black?  its my new favorite.


3 Responses to “new images coming soon”

  1. 1 Lalitha

    Love the black on black. Love the bottle form too. What clay are you using and how are you firing? I’m thinking of incorporating some black into my usually all-white palette and would love to hear more on this. Also, LOVE your blog and your aesthetic! Good luck for your show!

    • hi. the black is midnight black from seattle pottery supply. its fired to cone 5 electric. so far i have learned to bisque it high, around cone 03 slowly in a loosely packed kiln, and glaze fire it with the vent on to get as much oxygen as possible. i am trying to keep the clay from bloating and the glaze from blistering due to the carbon and sulfer. so far i have only had partial sucess. but i love the black so i will keep trying.

      • 3 Lalitha

        Thanks for sharing. I will look forward to more posts on the black clay!

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