final photos for show submission


my favorite photographer mitch shot the final photos for the winter sale submission. it was definitely a learning experience for us both as we considered background, lighting, camera angle, lense, perspective distortion, focal length, and basic object composition. Here are the 4 shots I just sent off to crafty wonderland.


6 Responses to “final photos for show submission”

  1. Lovely works!
    The grey in the third photo, Is it a glaze or an underglaze?
    Do you have a special method for dipping in two colors?
    I’m asking because you did such a good job!
    Thank you!

    • hi, thanks for the questions. the pot is glazed on the inside with a french grey, and unglazed on the outside. I am still learning how to glaze two colors with out making a big mess of it all.

      • Thank you! The photos are very good. I think that the colors of the stad and the background suit your works very well. I wish you a great success!!

  2. Hmmm… love those dark beakers and the jars too. Just want to touch them! I always photograph my work on pure white but I think the neutral background and the wood looks great for these pieces. I like the angle of the top too where you’re looking mainly at the side of the work but can just peep in…. very inviting.

  3. 5 Kirsten Sparenborg

    These are LOVELY, Shelley and Mitch. YES!

  4. 6 SweetBing

    Well done! Tastefully simple.

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