more glaze tests!


I’ve been testing another new clay body and glazes. I was thinking this was the nice gritty grey clay I had used earlier, but instead it turned out to be a much warmer khaki colored clay. Here are the tests, thanks to photographer mitch for the quick photos after I unloaded them from the kiln. I am looking forward to using these glazes to make jars and my new experiments of pots with tabs (photos coming soon). At the request of my mom and my sister, I’ve been looking for some nice blues.  I think I found a nice ‘french blue’ for them. (I guess everyone doesn’t love shades of grey as much as me. )  The last photo is a before image, I was really hoping that the clay would keep some of the color once fired. Any ideas on how to do a semi-reduction firing in a cone 5 electric kiln?


3 Responses to “more glaze tests!”

  1. 1 SweetBing

    You’re right, I am a blue fan, however grey looks great with blue!

  2. looking good!!! If you can figure out some reduction in that electric kiln… I will pay you the big bucks! 🙂

  3. 3 Brune

    I love your unity of blue-violet-purple glazes !

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