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my favorite photographer mitch shot the final photos for the winter sale submission. it was definitely a learning experience for us both as we considered background, lighting, camera angle, lense, perspective distortion, focal length, and basic object composition. Here are the 4 shots I just sent off to crafty wonderland. Advertisements

I’ve been testing another new clay body and glazes. I was thinking this was the nice gritty grey clay I had used earlier, but instead it turned out to be a much warmer khaki colored clay. Here are the tests, thanks to photographer mitch for the quick photos after I unloaded them from the kiln. […]

here are a few more images of recent work. we have a long ways to go, but i have to say i’m pretty excited about trying out the first pair of dishes. also, i am constantly drawn back to the older pots in the last image. i’ve switched back to that gritty grey stonewear in […]

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