kiln firing


I was hoping to do a post yesterday about the successful kiln that I waited patiently all day to unload. Instead, I need to search for the lesson in unloading a kiln of several shattered pots, and finding the remaining ones sprinkled with shards. There is still so much to learn… I think I can.. I think I can. This reminds me again of why I am doing the blog. An honest account of the struggles and the learning process of practicing a craft. I am hoping someday to be an inspiration to others who think they are not skilled enough to do an art or a craft. Hopefully I will get to the point where I am not just making test pots, and trying to remember basic technique, but really in tune with the process of making. But until then it will be test pots and process adjustments, as I learn that the raw firing technique is not as easy as it sounds.

I have already vacuumed up the kiln, so I won’t be sharing photos of the mess. Next time I will have more patience before firing pots that could possibly contain moisture, or at least start trying a low temperature bisque to minimize the exploding pots.

Luckily the glaze tests mostly survived, small pots with 2-3 different glaze dips each. I see potential here for glazing the bottles I am making.  Someday I’ll start making my own glazes, until then I’m happy to keep it simple and just buy my favorites.   For these glazes tests I tried the suggestion of Carol Epp, layering satin and gloss glazes to get a more interesting cone 6 glaze surface.

I’m in awe of today’s post at vitrifiedstudio:inspire and would like to try engobes and underglazes next.


One Response to “kiln firing”

  1. 1 Mirjana

    I know you can!!

    I like the low contrast half-and-half glazes. They are very sweet and simple – nice minimal pairing with the shapes.

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