new tests from the kiln


We finally had a chance to get a few quick photos of the pots from last week’s kiln.  I like the contrast of the dark brown pots against the very white porcelain, though the glazes are not water tight at all and their tiny crater texture is perplexing.  I have a feeling its from being once-fired, so I’ll do some tests to see if I can get functional surface. It is very difficult to manage 2 clay bodies in my tiny studio, and there is still a gray clay body that I want to do more tests on.

I have still been experimenting with glazes, and basically remembering how to glaze again. I am using the premixed glazes as a start, and finding which ones work with the clay and still finding the best ways to apply it to the green ware to control dripping and running. I am relatively happy with the Spectrum white satin glaze, but I wish the clear glaze from Georgie’s actually fit the clay, not just crazing with tiny cracks. I’m currently switching to Seattle Pottery Supply’s Dove porcelain for a few weeks, to see if the glaze fits better.  I am still very hesitant with decoration. These pots are dipped horizontally into two different glazes, that is as far as I’m currently ready to go with decoration. I wish my mid range electric fired glazes had a more complex surface, the best decoration to me is just a beautiful fire kissed clay or glaze.

Currently in the studio I’m working on plates with edges, and some larger trays and platters. Next I’m going to start making jars and more bottles.



One Response to “new tests from the kiln”

  1. I like the crater glaze!

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