testing glazes and forms



4 Responses to “testing glazes and forms”

  1. How wonderful!

  2. 2 Kirsten

    I see Shelley! These remind me of the simple elegant pots I live with from your hand. So many more clayforms to come from that hand; I am excited to see your rigorous tests here and anticipate the forthcoming pieces.

    • thanks for the comment! it has been an interesting process remembering forms from the past, and challenging myself to try new ones. I would love to hear what your favorite shapes to use are? Shallow bowl plates? or more upright forms? Perhaps I need to send out some tests of new shapes for you to try out.

  3. I have been rinsing and drying wood ash this morning, and needed a break – and came across your tests which are very motivating indeed. Thank you for sharing with us.

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